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In today's world of fast paced farming, now more than ever we have to preserve and protect the fertile land that we have left. We can't make more of it, but we can maintain and rebuild our soils with responsible farming practices. That's why at SFS we specialize in products that not only provide the necessary nutrients to grow a successful crop, but also provide valuable organic matter to replenish your soils. 


Family owned for over 10 years.



Minnegrow is a very economical source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, and it provides secondary and micronutrients that we’re finding our crops need more of. If you need to raise your soil test P level, Minnegrow will do it fast and economically.

I’ve worked with Harry and the SFS guys the last five years now. When its time to spread, they stay in contact with me, and get the job done fast and efficiently.
— Rod J. - Minnesota Corn and Soybean grower
As farmers, we know the importance of a quality and sustainable fertilizers that do more than just supply our crops with the nutrients they need for that growing season. That’s why we’ve used these products on our own fields for over 25 years.
— Mitch B. - Minnesota corn and soybean grower and COO of SFS Fertilizer
Coming Soon
— Bob


Who are we?

We're farmers too. 

SFS Fertilizer is a family owned business based in rural southeastern Minnesota. We specialize in poultry litter, biosolids and ash fertilizer sales and application but are not limited to these products or services. We also provide lime delivery and application and are constantly on the look out for new innovative products to help take your farming operation to the next level. We take pride in our product and in our services. You can feel assured knowing that you are receiving a superior product. Please take a moment to check out our website and discover why our products are not only more cost effective for  your farming operation but how it is better for your soils and your bottom line.


Playing a small role in the global effort to create a sustainable planet.